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How To Maintenance?

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Q5.How To Maintenance

    Re: a. Maintenance principles: response in time,solve problems as soon as possible and ensure the use.

       b. Maintenance period: In the Maintenance period of the screen body, free of all maintenance charges; After Maintenance period, only charge the material costs fees free of manual work fees.  

       c. Maintenance scope: If the users find any problem that cannot be solved,please contact with our company by phone and fax, we will response as soon as possible, and recover in 8 hours. In order to shorten the maintenance time, our company will deploy some spare parts such as power and chips etc.

Under normal use and storage, our company will be responsible for the equipments. If there is any failure in product quality, our company will maintain and change the components for free. In the Maintenance period, if the equipment cannot work in a right way, users should hand in detailed written report to state the details of the problems. 

* The situation hereinafter is not included in maintenance scope.

    a. Normal wearing parts of all equipment.

    b. Problems caused by user’s unauthorized modification or incorrect usage.

    c. Any malfunction and damage begot by nature or warfare.

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