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Pole installlation Led canopy light 120W

● high luminous,energy saving.
● excellent decoration effect, can select many colors,easy removal,wide application.
● lifespan 25000~50000 hours,10 times longer than traditional light source。
● environmentmental protection,no lead、halogen and other harmful substances.
● good color index,more real physical color.
● excellent thermal dissipation.

● easy installation

Illuminance map


When the car is at A place, the brightness is 30%

 When it get to the induction area B place, the brightness is 100%

New Pole installlation Led canopy light 60W/120W

   Model      LED Type  Driver Size(LxWxH)  H
 LED-U04-60w CREE/Bridgelux  MEANWELL/CE  438x313x125mm  4-8m
 LED-U04-100w CREE/Bridgelux  MEANWELL/CE  500x325x125mm  4-8m
 LED-U04-120w  CREE/Bridgelux  MEANWELL/CE  500x325x125  4-8m


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