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Full Spectrum UFO 80W LED Grow Light Panel for Veg Flower


Application:LED Grow Light 80W is suitable for Greenhouse/Plant factory Lighting of Breeding/Blooming/Fruiting/Breeding

Hydroponic UFO Led Grow Light for Greenhouse Home Garden Plant

Model Power (W) Input Voltage LED Q'ty (Pcs) Dimension (mm) Color Warranty Lighting Area (Height/)
SL-GL-50W 50W AC85~265V 25*3W Ф175x70mm Red:Blue = 8:1 3 Years 13/2m, 20/3m
SL-GL-80W 80W AC85~265V 45*3W Ф270x70mm Red:Blue = 8:1 3Years 20/2m, 29/3m


1. General indoor plants, shorten the growing time without any damage.

2.Save 80% electricity bill for the better planting effect, reduce grow cost and 3.increase crop yields as compared to incandescent lights

4.Suitable for Greenhouse/Plant factory Lighting of Breeding/Blooming/Fruiting/Breeding

5. LED Wave length &  LED Color Ratio could be customized

>Banned the lamp in the water, otherwise it will cause leakage or damage of lamps and lanterns to the human body..
>Ensure that the product used in normal circumstances, when using the working environment of lamps and lanterns is 20 ~ 40 ℃, 45% ~ 95% RH.
>Please cut off power supply when thundering.
>Don’t knock at the work products.

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